When Superior Taste and Badassery meet: Convergence

Backlash:  (n) A strong and adverse reaction to something – or a Badass Boston Brewery.  I prefer the latter.

As a brand Backlash stands apart as a bold brewer.  Just check out their logo formed from a hardened steel ‘brass knuckle.’  Backlash screams bold, and Convergence lives up to the impression.  It’s just the second brew from the newcomers but it hints at great things to come.

Convergence is a Saison, which admittedly I have had little experience with before this summer.  This style seems to be growing in popularity and many big brewers launched versions this past summer and I bet you will be seeing more of it in years to come.  Typically it is a summer style but Convergence kicks up the spicy notes (and ABV – 7.5%) making it fit better with the tastes of Fall and Winter as well.  For those unfamiliar with the style imagine a typical Belgian white, but more intense and with various layers of spices to keep it interesting.

You can tell the brewers put a lot of attention to detail right from the packaging.  My favorite element is the Backlash B embossed in the wax covering the cap.  However, I would bring a small knife or wine key to open this bad boy because the wax can be a challenge otherwise.

They have somewhat limited distribution right now, but I picked mine up at Blanchards in Allston and there should be some out there still.

I am a Citizen of CafeNation!

Every good writer (and I) need that extra kick in the ass to get working!  My drill seargant of choice is caffeine which comes in a multitude of forms.  Tonight’s shot in the cerebellum is brought to you by one of my favorite local spots, CafeNation.

I feared that when I moved up to Comm Ave and away from the comforts of Coolidge Corner that I would be without delicious crepes or worse, good coffee. CafeNation has become my go to for satisfying both of these needs.

The menu matches any cafe I’ve ever been to and every staff member knows how to make a quality cup of coffee.  My cup of choice is the iced mocha, and the large will keep you going with 4 shots of espresso.

Everything is reasonably priced, and its a great atmosphere to hang out in with free wifi, art and typically some great people.  So check it out, and you won’t be disappointed.

May I Present To You Lord Hobo! – No Seriously

I’ve had two trips to Lord Hobo in Cambridge (yes the other side of the river) and I have to admit that once you get past the epic medieval journey (long walk from the T) it always proves to be a worthwhile time.


Lets start with the important things.  No kingdom is complete without 40 quality draughts!  Now, I know many places in Boston eclipse this offering, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in careful selection.  They are one of the few places to offer Dogfish 120.  Yes it comes in a small tasting glass, but I promise that’s all you will need!

Overwhelmed by the options?  Just check with any member of the staff with types of beer you like and they will be able to direct you to what you are looking for.


Nothing but Long Live The Hobo cheers for their food selection.  Oddly reflective of the beer, you’ll find a simple menu on the surface that will surprise you digging through the layer.  High class food that you can;t get anywhere is the theme… as best as I can describe it.

Try the schnitzel, rotating pizza selection or oxtail… just try something!  Last time I was there I had some of the schnitzel and a pizza with a spicy marinara – both contrasted the beer perfectly.


Cambridge Chic… not sure what that means?  Well no one is.  Let’s say its comfy casual with a classy undertone.  No that doesn’t make any more sense… hmmmm… just look back to the cool decorative light pic and give this place a whirl, and yes it’s ok to bitch on the walk from the T!

Boston You’re My Home!

No seriously… I live here.  It’s not just a toss away Standells lyric.  However, I don’t believe in just ‘livin’ anywhere.  Places are meant to be explored and experienced.  That’s exactly what I’m doing here.  I may not be here forever so while I’m here I’m diving into that dirty water!

So whether its the small hoods, squares, circles, corners… whatever they call them, I will be checking them out.

Boston is a fantastic city full of young professionals, culture, night life, entrepreneurs, and some spectacular scenery.  Basically it’s the perfect place for me at the perfect time and I’m going to take full advantage of it.