Books! Yes They Still Exist!

The book industry isn’t dying… its just going to a nice farm in upstate.  OK, so publishing as we’ve known it for thousands of years is slipping into a new manifestation.  That’s why its an exciting topic.  However, this section will focus mostly on things I am reading.  Yes, I still buy books, but it won’t be long until I join the Kindle army…

As I believe this web site demonstrates, My mind floats freely (sometimes recklessly) among all too many things.  I like to distinguish this from what some might consider ADD by my ability to actually focus and handle off of the things swirling around up there.  I mean just look at the prolfic writing binge I’ve been on!

This personaility ‘trait’ is most obviously reflected in my reading.  I have no less than 4 magazines I’m working on at the moment and at least as many books.  I don’t read a lot of fiction so I don’t have to worry about keeping story lines straight.  I can just plow though whatever strikes my fancy when it strikes my fancy.

So turn the page and get your read on!