University of Southern California Rap

I love when school bands take on popular music, and I love it even more when popular music takes on schools.  Below is a sweet song via YouTube from DJScrilla.  Or download for free by clicking here.

*Some lyrics are a little outdated, but I love good fight song remixes.


Drop A Beat!

Music has long been a part of my life.  It’s role in my life is constantly evolving though.  I’ve played a few instruments in my day, attended some phenomenal performances, met some talented performers, and busted moves at some of the best clubs.

I’m not sure where this topic is going to take me in the written published world, but understanding how into music I am (of course a mix is playing in the background now) I figured it deserves a page.  I also expect that as things in my life flow in phases I could be picking something up related to music any day.

In the mean time I’ll use this as my venue to post some things I’m into and hopefully keep your attention with some flashy videos and links to worth while artists.  As a heads up, I have an ear for the popular so if you are here looking for that oh so cool hipster band that no one ever heard of or will hear of them I think you ought to keep shufflin.