Where The Beer Meets The Beards


Jim Koch (Founder of Sam Adams) puts his beer where his mouth is… well I guess we all do.  But Jim is laying it on the line in support of the Boston Red Sox for the World Series.  Jim has made a craft beer wager with Dan Kopman of Shafly in St. Louis for food, beer and pride.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where the beer meets the bears!

The wager: Samuel Adams brewer and founder Jim Koch is so confident that his hometown team, the Boston Red Sox, will win the World Series, that he is betting two cases of his flagship Boston Lager and a lobster dinner against Dan Kopman’s Schlafly Pale Ale and a dinner from Pappy’s BBQ ribs.  Additionally, each brewer is inviting the competitor to brew a beer of their choice in their respective breweries in Boston and St. Louis – all expenses paid.

“Here in Boston, we are lucky to be home to some of the best sports teams in the country,” said Jim Koch, Samuel Adams brewer and founder.  “The Boston Red Sox are the epitome of passion and true American tradition.  I look forward to seeing the Red Sox bring home the World Series trophy once again – and then toasting with a Boston Lager.  May the best team win!”

“St Louis is the home of the best fans in baseball and the best beers in the US,” said Dan Kopman, Co-Founder of Schlafly Beer, St. Louis’ oldest and largest locally owned brewery.  I look forward to our 12th World Series victory and then visiting my good friend Jim and toasting with a Schlafly Pale Ale.  May the best team win!”

So let’s do this Red Sox – For the love of the game; for the love of the beer!


University of Southern California Rap

I love when school bands take on popular music, and I love it even more when popular music takes on schools.  Below is a sweet song via YouTube from DJScrilla.  Or download for free by clicking here.

*Some lyrics are a little outdated, but I love good fight song remixes.

Today It Rains in Southern California

Below is a post I wrote in 2005 on a blog that was to be named “Reflections of a Trojan,” back when I went by Robert Day – So 2K5 Right?  So in honor of the six year anniversary, and since USC is playing Notre Dame this week, I thoguht a repost would be fun!

Some of you already will know what this post is about, for those check the summary short video below for a nostalgic reminder.  For those who love sports and want to catch up on the whole story check out the long story.

The rain has poured out of the sky the past two days. The thunder has rattled the streets while the lightning provides the only light we have seen since Saturday. The clouds subdue our normally energetic sun, and the wind whips everything in our faces. The weather is miserable, and I know why.

God is mad at Southern California! I know it seems difficult to comprehend, but follow me here. God is a Notre Dame fan through and through. Just ask anyone who attends the storied university who God is rooting for every Saturday. Just stroll over the campus and look at the religious images expressing God’s love for Notre Dame. Look at the football history of a team that doesn’t even need a conference to generate the largest fan base in the country.If you need any more proof than this, look at the open-armed image of Jesus broadcast at the beginning of the USC Notre Dame Football game this past Saturday, October 15. God had made his choice; Notre Dame will win the game and take down the powerhouse, number 1, Trojans, in what will be one of the greatest upsets in rivalry, nay NCAA Football history!

For those of you who were not hiding in a cave or stranded on an island this past weekend you might have heard that the game didn’t work out in Notre Dame’s favor, and now God is angry with us. His lightning steaks down but not as fast as Reggie Bush racked up 160 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns! The thunder shakes the earth, but not as powerfully the Trojans offensive line shook the Irish to help Matt Leinart push for one Yard to win the game in the fourth with seconds left on the clock.

The Leprechauns evoked every trick they found in that pot of gold but still found themselves just a bit short! (Pardon the pun). They let the grass grow to 4 inches; they wore the loathed green jerseys; they used every play in the book; they even called the Holy Father himself to come down and smite the Trojans. Somehow it was no match for USC.

The Fighting Irish fought and fought valiantly, but they were simply facing an opponent who has forgotten how to lose, an opponent who refuses to quit, an opponent that doesn’t know that 4th down and nine yards to go with one and a half minutes left in the game isn’t time to hit Dwayne Jarret for a 61 yard pass setting up the winning play. The Trojans could have tried a field goal to send the game into over time, but this is a team that knew it did not need over time this Saturday because they have what it takes, and they will not be knocked around by any team or any tricks.

So the wrathful God pours his rage on us through the weather, but he respects us enough to let us look at it all and smile knowing that his ND flag is flying at half mast today!

Fight on!

NFL Wrap In 10 Points

So with MNF literally just concluding, I figured I would do a week 6 breakdown to get some content on my sports section.  Lest get to it….

  • Miami proves “they are what we thought they were” – a terrible football team in trouble. – Thanks to Dennis Green
  • AJ Hawk is a badass and wants the Rams to know it… but really?
  • The Patriots are looking a little more like the early 2000’s capped with an 80 yard TD drive leaving just 22 seconds on the clock to tick off to Dallas heartbreak
  • My fantasy team and picks league are going to hell… ok you dont need to know that 🙂
  • Neither Swartz or Harbaugh were fined for… well… ummm… being all too intense?  Who cares – I wont even bother you with the link to the boring vid.
  • Bills may have lost by 3 to the Giants, but they should not be overlooked this season
  • Green Bay might be unstoppable but wont get to prove it next week as they should cakewalk the hapless Vikes – no matter who the QB is
  • Rumors are swirling about Carson Palmer… I don’t care
  • The new MNF intro is terrible.  Is that really the best they can come up with in a week?
  • SF upsets undefeated Detroit, perhaps the now 5 – 1 9’ers get some respect?
Please title all hate posts ‘SPAM: [Insert thoughts here]’  – Thanks…

Ball is for Sports!

Are you ready for some [foot][base][basket]ball… or hockey ball… well, you get the point.  Hank Williams famous line is no longer going to be featured on MNF so I figured he wouldn’t mind me stealing it and twisting it with a little word play.

The point is this is where you get to read my take on sports.  I am not a sports writer.  I am not unbiased.  These posts may contain profanity as sports has that unique power over me.  I may also preach all too profoundly on what is ultimately a topic of fun and games.  However, if you want a fun perspective on sports, or want to argue with someone who won’t shut up, then you found the right place.

Play Ball!