The Good The Bad and The Attractive


It’s oh so tempting – nay easy and well deserved – to rip rebranding efforts.  Gap? Tropicana?  However, every now and then someone does it right, and I have to admit that American Airlines nailed it this time.  I remember clicking the headline not long ago already frothing for the chance to dig my claws into another member of the maligned airline industry for its disconnected ways and outdated philosophies.  But when I opened the project I took pause and just admired.  So many layers; so many thoughts; nothing negative of note.  So with that I present to you The Good The Bad and The Attractive.


  • Strategy – Launching the rebrand in conjunction with a hefty plane purchase is a double down bet and won big.
  • Welcome to 2013 – The original logo is from 1968 and anyone who has flown or interacted with AA recently probably feels like they took a trip back.  The new logo, imagery, planes, communication and website usher them into 2013.
  • Comprehensive – AA did a solid job launching this across most consumer touch points very quickly (for an airline) and I assume only better things to come.


  • Coach – If there is one thing I can easily criticize it’s a swing and a miss at redesigning coach.  It doesn’t match the rebrand, and still sits ages behind the likes of Virgin and JetBlue.  But this is a swing and miss on a pitch, not the final out.


  • Logo – Let’s talk about this logo.  WOW.  So visually impactful with so little.  Your brain is forced to fill in the rest of the iconic A.  The shape itself is formed from a tilted tail wing while also drawing the imagery of an eagle through it.  The color scheme keeps the obvious American feel while doing it in a way that reflects today, and the whole thing screams motion forward.  Highest praise to @FutureBrand for amazing work in a very critical and subjective field. 
  • The Plane The Plane – [Couldn’t help it] Seriously they are a thing of American Beauty.  I think the abstract American Flag design on the tail is incredibly modern, powerful and again screams motion forward.


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