4 Ways To Improve Your Drinking Games… At Work


Some of us have very demanding careers that take up a lot of our free time, but you can’t show up to the party rusty on Friday.  Try these 4 steps to perfecting your drinking game skills… at work.

  1. CHUG – Sort of.  Every drinking game requires… DRINKING… some need speed as well.  Every time you go for water chug the first cup down as fast as possible then refill to sip.  EXPERT:  Try chugging multiple in a row.
  2. Shoot = Score – EVERY piece of trash is a pong simulator.  Always arch toss your trash into nearest garbage can.  It will improve your hand eye coordination and better yet prepare you for adapting to ‘home field advantages’.  K-Cups work best.  EXPERT:  Creamer cups are insanely challenging
  3. Change? – Buy your morning cup of coffee with cash.  You will most likely get a pocket full of change.  Upon arriving at your desk ‘quarters’ bounce them into nearest mug/water cup.  You’ll be crushing it at Quarters and Miley Ball before you know it.  EXPERT:  Chug remaining venti iced coffee and try sinking quarters into that monolith.
  4. Flip Out – From now on bring a water cup to every meeting.  Make sure to finish the water before the end of the meeting.  While everyone is wrapping up, line the cup on the edge of the table and flip it over.  Looking weird in front of coworkers is added incentive to hit on the first shot.  This is not recommended on client meetings… unless you nail the pitch and can hit the first shot… in which case you will double the sale.  EXPERT:  Volunteer to clean up and walk around flipping all the cups.

Now you are ready to take on the real world… sort of.  Happy Training.

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