Dodge The Competition and Dart to the Front of the Line

All I can say is WOW… well, wow and all it’s synonyms.  The Dodge Dart ad is not only the best car ad I have ever seen, but probably the best ad this year.  Suck it crappy Super Bowl Ads.

In their new ad Dodge shows an inspirational and idealist approach to product development.  As someone who works in the field, this is how you want to do things, but most of the time you don’t get to ‘kick out the committees.’ So you end up with compromise, and the consumer looses.  That’s why this story is so inspirational.  SCREW compromise we’re going to give you what you really want and we’re putting blood sweat and tears into it.

This is exactly what the market needs to hear and see.  We’ve been sold to; lied to; let down; and disillusioned by companies lately – especially automotive.  Dodge is telling us what we want to believe.  There are real people working on these cars and working real hard, but even more than that – they get it!

From the first Kanye/Jay Z beat drop, through the comic stacatto story telling, to the punch line finish, you can’t help but be engrossed in this ad.  It’s about a minute and a half (3X a normal ad) and it makes me want to watch, want to share, and more importantly interested in what they have to say.  If you give them credit for nothing else, at least it isnt 30 seconds of cars driving on windy roads with some random text on the screen.  Bravo Dodge!

4 thoughts on “Dodge The Competition and Dart to the Front of the Line

  1. Agreed – it is inspirational, and fun to see Chrysler (et. Dodge) using the “long form commercial” to really tell the story about a vehicle that – let’s be honest here – is downright important and truly emblematic of the New Chrysler LLC.

    Granted it IS a gussied up Alfa Romeo, so it had decent bones to start with, but I’ll take it. It’s progress!

  2. Nice. I think the key to this one is simple honesty, an undervalued characteristic in advertising. They made what looks like a quality product, and they’re being honest about the how and what. Simple and nicely done.

    Looks like a decent car too. Body style reminds me a lot of the older generation Mazda3, which is surely a good thing.

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