The 6 Most Definitive Un-Arguable Reasons Lists Make Great Posts

Whether you’ve made one or read one lists have surely been a big part of your internet life.  Here are the 6 most definitive absolutely true every time reasons they make great posts!

  1. Ring the bell; I’m ready to fight!  Ever read the catchy title of a list post and think “oh no you didn’t” or perhaps something with more expletives?  Maybe the title of this post got your dander up.  “What the hell does he know?”  That’s fair and part of why lists are  awesome.  Hit on a topic people care about and they will read and engage.  That’s the whole reason we’re writing right?  See my next list the 5 reasons you are writing – a comprehensive list 🙂
  2. Your reading this aren’t you?  For a combination of reasons people are drawn to lists, and to each his/her own.  Whatever combination of influences brought you here, the point is your reading it and hopefully laughing at yourself a little.
  3. You know what you are committing to before you even click the link.  Five reasons ice cream is tasty???? Yea I can jump into that for a min.  13,000 reasons the Vikings did not take over the globe – yea I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of commitment yet… it’s not you; it’s me…
  4. Easy peasey.  I’m not going to lie to you… I thought this up and knocked it out in about 30 min which in the world of content creation is a blink.  Think of interesting topic, write down some things within the topic, elaborate with cheap humor.  Now you have a list!
  5. Flattery equals instant sharing.  Not only do we like making and reading lists… we LOVE being in them… even if it’s a bad list, at least someone is mentioning you.  Which reminds me thanks @EliseKovi for inspiring this lazy post.  Call out your friends, your enemies, your pets… I don’t care.  As long as you can throw someone in the mix they will probably engage in some manner.
  6. Addiction.  Like morning coffee, lists are an addiction.  Humans love to put order to the world; it’s natural.  We love to rank, file, rate and vote.  Lists help make that happen.  They take a large complex topic and put it into digestible well ordered bits… addicting little bits…

So there you have it.  These are the six and only six reasons lists make awesome posts.

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