That Punny Got Hops and Other Pun Beers

Love em or hate them puns will be around forever, and we’re all stuck with them.  So if you  cant beat em join em.  Here is my first list of awesome pun beer names.  So have a good yuck and get to work on your own.

Honorable Mentions for Awesomeness, but not fitting criteria:

  • MMMMMMMM Hop – the impending Hanson Beer.  HILARIOUS, but not existing
  • Mortal Wombat submitted by @cristymaldonado – AWESOME but could not be verified
  • Here Gose Nothing created and submitted by the talented @EmilyRagle for her friend’s first brew of a Gose style.

So there you have the list – for now – but with any list of its kind it’s up for debate and update.  Thanks to all who contributed, and those geniuses behind the names!

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